Quantitative Techniques Volume II (eBook)

Quantitative Techniques Volume II (eBook)

Introduction to Statistics and Measures of Central Tendency (Revised)

by Narender Sharma (write a review)
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Description of "Quantitative Techniques Volume II (eBook)"

The course is suitable for student of MBA/BBA Quantitative Techniques regular and distance education, M.Com/B.Com Business Statistics, M.Sc./B.Sc. Statistics, MA/BA Economics Statistics. Statistical Quality Control in Quality Management.

Introduction to Statistics: Meaning of Statistics, Introduction to data, Variable, order array, frequency distribution, Types of frequency distribution. Illustrative examples.

Central Tendency: Mean: definition and calculation, General and mathematical properties of mean, Combined arithmetic mean, weighted arithmetic mean. Median: definition and calculation, Properties of median, Location of median, Partition values: Quartiles, Deciles, Percentiles, Mode: Definition and calculation, properties of mode, Empirical relation of mean, median and mode. Illustrative examples.

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Hi, This is Narender Sharma, facilitating Corporate training and Management education. This coursework helps in easy understanding of the concepts and scoring good grades in your examination.
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