Sankate (eBook)

Sankate (eBook)

by Om Kumar (write a review)
Type: e-book
Genre: Romance
Language: Hindi
Price: Rs.140.00
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Description of "Sankate (eBook)"

'Sankate' means 'Ishara' !
'Sankate' is a story of a Gesture, a sign, an instruction, a silent communication for someone to follow through a signal on the wall.
A boy and a girl fall in love, they developed a unique way to communicate with each other.
Somehow someone else came across their secret communication 'Sankate' and they also tried to use the code for their own benefit.
What happens then?
is the story of 'Sankate'

About the author(s)

About my self !
I started writing short stories when I was around Fifteen, went on writing and made a pile of full scape note books for years, but never bothered to publish them.
When I was seventeen or something, I had to open a shop of photography to support my Parents, that suspended my writing pleasure for almost twenty five years.
In 1985 I started writing again for my own pleasure, again not worrying to get anything published.
In 1989 I wrote a comedy story entitled 'Tasveer Bikau Hae' and made a very talked about Comedy Video Movie of the story.
This inspired me to reshape my stories so that they may be suitable for 'Film Production', and since then whenever I had a moment to write, I wrote with a mind that I may be able to convert the story into an Entertainment Film.
I have a pile of many hand written books in my store, now I am taking a chance to publish my writings through internet, and 'Sankate' is my first attempt to reach the readers.

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