Patanjali Yoga Sutras For Beginners (eBook)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras For Beginners (eBook)

Translation and Commentary

by Pradeep Mittal 'Sadhak' (write a review)
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Genre: Religion & Spirituality
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Description of "Patanjali Yoga Sutras For Beginners (eBook)"

Patanjali Yoga sutras, propounded by Maharishi Patanjali, are unique in many ways. They are the shortest, most crisply described verses containing the deepest and everlasting Truth in everyone’s life.
The yoga sutras are written in four Chapters, viz. Samaadhi Paad, Saadhan Paad, Vibhuti Paad and Kaivalya Paad. In total there are only 195 Sutras. In these small Sutras Maharishi Patanjali has beautifully provided the entire theory and practical instructions for achieving Self Realization, the highest goal of human existence.

Yoga can transform an ordinary man with all the worldly weaknesses, into a divine personality. It gives practical tips for divinization of intellect, mind and body for ultimately getting Happiness and Peace.

It is hoped that the book will be of great help for various beginners as well as serious sadhakas who want to have a deep insight into the subject and achieve Self Realization, leading to lasting Happiness.

About the author(s)

The author lives in Uttarakhand, in the foothills of Himalayas and though a geophysicist by education, educated in IIT Kharagpur and a computer professional, has devoted over three decades in study and application of scriptures, Yoga and Meditation in the quest of Self Realization. Pradeep Mittal retired as General Manager from ONGC
in 2006. He is a receipient of National Mineral Award from Govt of India.

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