The Man with a Balance (eBook)

The Man with a Balance (eBook)


by Prakash Mahajan (write a review)
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Description of "The Man with a Balance (eBook)"

The short story is like a house of cards: one word more or less ,and the house topples down. Prakash Mahajan knows the architectonic secret of writing and end a story with a remarkable impact. True, he evokes the middle class world where the challenges and opportunities are both muted and subtle, but Prakash captures them with a keen sensitivity. For a debut collection 'The Man with a Balance' holds good promise.

Mr.Prakash Mahajan's short stories and memoirs make an interesting reading both for the texture of their themes and for the freshness of their language.

The book contains interesting memoirs having nostalgic effect as well as the fiction having varieties of subjects like the artists, music and love.

About the author(s)

Born in 1950, Prakash Mahajan was an associate professor at Raver, in North Maharashtra, India a small town at the edge of the tribal heartland of the Indian subcontinent.

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Nandadeep Publication
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