Sir Isaac Newton (eBook)
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It is an autobiography of Sir Isaac Newton, who had discovered the “Law of Gravitational force”. He had also given the gift of three important “Laws of Motion” to the world. He did not receive the love of his parents in childhood. He studied in Cambridge and also invented “Calculus”. Another important discovery of Newton is light is made up of seven color, when passed through prism. He wrote the book “Principia Mathematica”.

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Dr. Kishore Pawar has been working as a Principal since 1993. He is a teacher of Zoology. he is an author of more than 25 books of zoology for three different universities and more than seventy five books on popular science, wildlife and environment in Marathi , English and Hindi. He has delivered several lectures on superstition irradiation he is recipient of State level ideal teacher award of Government of Maharashtra and University of Pune and MVP Samaj.
Mrs. Nalinin Pawar is a Junior College teacher for 10 years in Gramoday Junior college, Nashik.

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Satyam Prakashan, Nashik
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