How to Avoid Tension and Achieve Peace in Life (eBook)

How to Avoid Tension and Achieve Peace in Life (eBook)

Tensions kill, Peace builds

by PRITIS C MAJUMDAR (write a review)
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Description of "How to Avoid Tension and Achieve Peace in Life (eBook)"

“How to Avoid Tension and Achieve Peace in Life” is a book that tells us something special lucidly and simply for the development of mind. It explains how our mind can be moulded into a disciplined, pragmatic and better driving force.
We can learn from this how to control our mind, make self-sufficient, apply right role playing to the individual as per our relations, build pleasant personality, understand affects of depression like many chronic diseases, say, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Cardiac failure etc. This book teaches every individual to make him responsible and sincere to the work and employer, not to be fault finder, quarrelsome, revenge minded person etc. It teaches us to be a tolerant and sober people. It gives us tips on work place, management of office boss, domestic financial management and so on.
It helps make us tension free, removes all our evil wills including depression, divorce, attempt to commit suicide and murder etc. and help achieve peace in life. Without peace no body can be an efficient and intelligent person. And only an efficient and intelligent person shines up in his life. Thus, this is applicable for every body of all ages right from students to oldest person waiting for last call from almighty God.

About the author(s)

Mr. Pritis Chandra Majumdar was born in 1943, the year of historic famine of undivided Bengal during British Rule, at very remote village, Alampur, P.S. Sreenagar, Dhaka, now capital of Bangladesh. At about age of four, he had to move to India with his parents and grandma leaving back their ancestral house and properties due to political reasons which caused the division of Indian sub-continent and riot killing millions of innocent common men, women and children by direct action provocation from a few self-interested political leaders . Struggle started since then in his life. He had to live in many states of India right from his primary education to University and also working life.
He had the sharp intuition and interest in studying the wonderful characters of human beings ever met throughout his life while serving as engineer-cum- manager in Indian Railways. His practical experiences with people of all levels right from lowest to highest categories. It helped more to write this book due to his formal studies in management at postgraduate degree level (MBA) with specialization in Human Resources Management and M.A in Political Science. Besides, he has got praiseworthy multifarious creative writing in his published works like poetry, story, and articles etc.He is a citizen journalist of merinews.com where his articles in various topics are being published regularly.
His first published non-fiction book is “Avoid Tension, Achieve Peace” from PublishAmerica, USA and its sale is remarkable. This is also available in amazon.com in different title “How to Avoid Tension and Achieve Peace in Life”.
His next book, a literary/contemporary fiction(novel) of 89000 words "How Women Conquer Terrorists", 227-page approx. is under taraditional publishing process.

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