My Friend Who Lived Twice (eBook)

My Friend Who Lived Twice (eBook)

by R J (write a review)
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Description of "My Friend Who Lived Twice (eBook)"

Eka and Rahul's friendship is the stuff of legends. And no... they don't fall in love as usual. But they shaped each other's lives from the moment they met each other from their college life to their tech venture together, until a freak accident claims Rahul's life. Eka has to come to terms with the death of her dear friend and at the same time find if their past has somehow claimed Rahul's life.

About the author(s)

The Author , my husband, is a wild one... and I think he writes the most brilliantly entertaining and mind bending stories. He scripted the story of our 'Two States' Marriage and our life has turned out to be just as adventurous as his stories...

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