Boy with the Lantern (eBook)

Boy with the Lantern (eBook)

by Ram Lal Garg (write a review)
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Description of "Boy with the Lantern (eBook)"

'Boy with the Lantern' is literary narration of the journey of a boy from the village of the nocturnal to the city of lights, in search of two magic lamps reported to have been stolen by the enemy, some hundereds of years ago. Passing through a wild forest, a deep desert, and a wide water body, he finally reaches his destination, to learn that sparkle of the city is as ostentatious as the darkness back home, and that proliferation of swords, weapons of destruction at the time the story is set in, and not the make-believe of magic and the theft thereof, is the root cause of enmity between two societies.

About the author(s)

Post-graduate from Punjab University, Ram Lal Garg is an ex-banker, and has taken up writing post-retirement. 'Boy with the Lantern' is his second literary fictional work, the other being 'God is an Atheist'.

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