God is an Atheist (eBook)

God is an Atheist (eBook)

by Ram Lal Garg (write a review)
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Description of "God is an Atheist (eBook)"

'God is an Atheist' is a story of insane old man on one side of the international border and a child of eight on the other, one ever frightened of the advent of terrorist from across and the other of a demon-turned non-believer crossing over. One fateful night a powerful earthquake strikes the area, causing wide-spread loss on both sides. They, the old man and the child, believing that their fears have finally come true, run for thier lives, to meet at the dividing line, in no man's land, each one of the two warning the other of the danger that lies ahead

About the author(s)

Post-graduate from Punjab University, Ram Lal Garg is an ex-banker, and have taken up writing post-retirement. God is an Atheist is one of his two literary narrations, the other being 'Boy with the Lantern'.

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