Autobiography of an Indian Software Techie and Spiritual Aspirant – Part 1 (eBook)

Autobiography of an Indian Software Techie and Spiritual Aspirant – Part 1 (eBook)

Covers Mumbai & Dombivli based life with some foreign stints, till 2002 (age 40)

by Ravi S. Iyer (1 review, add another)
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Description of "Autobiography of an Indian Software Techie and Spiritual Aspirant – Part 1 (eBook)"

This autobiography covers author's Mumbai and Dombivli based life with some foreign stints, from childhood to commercial retirement at age 40 (as unmarried man) in 2002.

The author's family background is followed by school and college student days during a period of family financial challenges and father's passing away. B.Sc. Physics is completed in 1983. M.Sc. Physics is started but discontinued. Software development career starts off in 1984. In 1990 comes excitement of joining a start-up in key position.

Stress and health problems become key issues, propelling turn to spiritual and balanced spiritual-cum-work life in end 1992. From around 1993/1994 Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Dombivli Sathya Sai samithi become central spiritual influences. After author's mother passes away in early 1999, he focuses on saving retirement money and preparing for ashram life till Sept. 2002 at end of which he starts off on journey to ashram life.

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First published: 2019
First edition, 2nd revision

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Ravi S. Iyer is a blogger/social media writer on spirituality and religion, and misc. topics. He is a Physics graduate from Ruia college, University of Bombay (Mumbai), and a retired international software consultant (software technologist).

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Ravi S. Iyer (Self-publisher)
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It's interesting... btw I also under-estimated marketing... I'd identify marketing as the biggest risk to some startups even today. A guy from --snip-- said to a current-day tech. startup entrepreneur, "Just as you've built this tech, so did 10 people before you. But you won't be able to get the word out to people who want this app. So you will fail" Interesting how some things change but many others remain the same even after 10 or 20 years. [June 1990 to Nov. 1992 was over 25 years ago, a quarter century ago.] ...

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