समन्वय (eBook)

समन्वय (eBook)


by रोहित बावा 'अश्क' (1 review, add another)
Type: e-book
Genre: Poetry
Language: Hindi
Price: Rs.50.00
Available Formats: PDF Immediate Download on Full Payment
Description of "समन्वय (eBook)"

Samanvay is about people like you and I.

Samanvay is an expression of common man, who tries to find harmony within.

Samanvay is in all of us.

You would find poems and 2 plays of different tastes. There is an attempt to capture different moods from our lives. Hope to see you enjoy and relate it with your life, experience and imagination.

About the author(s)

Pick any one face from crowd and you would find the author of this attempt.
Face that you could relate with the questions of life, with feelings of self is the author of this attempt.
Face that can try to express and knows how to hide what lies beneath is the author of this attempt.

Book Details
Self Published
Availability: Available for Download (e-book)
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Reviews of "समन्वय (eBook)"
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Re: Samanvay by rohit5
16 September 2010 - 2:03am

Nice effort, but It think you could have priced it little lesser than 100. Though I would agree that hard copy of the book is worth the price you have mentioned.
This is a nice read and I wish to congratulate the author for coming up with a great book in the times when we dont see much work in Hindi...

This is a must read.

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