What is Happiness? (eBook)

What is Happiness? (eBook)

Happiness is a Journey Not a Destination

by Rohit Chauhan (write a review)
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Genre: Religion & Spirituality, Self-Improvement
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Description of "What is Happiness? (eBook)"

Happiness is a Journey not a Destination. In this book we have tried to answer the question what is happiness? in practical scenario we live today. Most people link happiness with Spirituality or philosophy but we will discuss something different in this book. This book discuss about the bottom line requirement of all we do in day to day life.

About the author(s)

Dear Readers, I belong to a very common family live in small town in India. I managed to complete my engineering and got good success in my professional & personal life so far. I used to travel a lot in my initial days of professional life. And during travelling, I experienced the verity with in India & outside India. I inspired lot by verity and culture of India. During this time I started realizing the questions about motto of our life and purpose of our existence. While thinking of such questions, I came to know the wonder & power of Human Mind. I became introspective and started debate with myself. My early age journey and experience of my debate with myself encouraged me to start writing. And my first book 'What is Happiness?' is the outcome of the dream I visualized 5 years ago. I am thinking of many more titles to write and share with you. I urge my readers & authors to give their valuable feedback and encouragement, so I can improve and give the books of your desire level. Best Wishes, Rohit Chauhan

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