Parting of The Ways (eBook)

Parting of The Ways (eBook)

by Sachindra Kumar Verma (write a review)
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Description of "Parting of The Ways (eBook)"

The book tells about an author who was craving for publishing his book, which was never published. It shows dangerous effects of suspicion which made three lives in danger. It connotes the social evil of buying things, without having much more source of income, in installment. It also gives acknowledgement of poor family whose members put their lives on stake for getting employment. It also deals with blackmailing of a poet and author to get published his work. It also gives account of people of India who think themselves free to do any thing and they forget that if things belong to our country are our own and ruining them are our loss. It means government property is our own property.

About the author(s)

He was born in a small village Herseni (Bihar) in 1966. He passed a Bachelor Degree in History from Ranchi University in 1988 and got the Master Degree in History from Ranchi University in 1992. He became a teacher in 1994. He became Head Teacher in 2008.As a writer he published more than 50 poetries and more than 10 Short Stories in Hindi.
He experienced some unusual when he was in college time and that experience motivated to write this novel. This novel is about a man who hankered after publishing his book and faced a lot of obstacles in his life.

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