Door To Door (eBook)

Door To Door (eBook)

A Story in Three Acts

by Sadhana Manian (1 review, add another)
Type: e-book
Genre: Drama/Play, Entertainment
Language: English
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Description of "Door To Door (eBook)"

Door To Door is a breezy and exciting caper, set against the backdrop of the Transport businesses in India.

The author has chosen a fresh, visual and innovative style of presentation. Similar to a Movie/ Play or Theatrical Script, it is written in a form that any Script or Playwriting enthusiast would love to read!

*****The "script" in the book is registered under Copyright laws. This published version is meant solely for reading purposes. No part of it should be produced in any form.*************************

The central character is a down and out Business Executive. Still struggling to succeed, she tries various moneymaking schemes but nothing seems to click for her. Then she stumbles upon a rare "treasure" that will solve all her problems. But as rotten luck would have it, loses it in a moment of carelessness, and embarks on a desparate "Treasure Hunt" to get it back...

The story abounds with amusing caricatures of confused customers, daredevil Truckers, ruthless businessmen and other characters from the Transport and Corporate world.

Read it for an original, unpredictable story that takes you through a breakneck joy ride!

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About the author(s)

Sadhana Manian is an Author and brilliant Script writer, who has written innumerable Scripts for Plays and Performing Arts Events since her college days in Mumbai.

The author also shares valuable insights in this book on the art of Storytelling and Scriptwriting.

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Reviews of "Door To Door (eBook)"
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Re: Door To Door (e-book) by Raviicra
18 May 2013 - 8:11am

A remarkable novel...The author is brilliant in observing the day to day tribulations that all of us go thru and the multitude of grey characters that we encounter in life. The plot is racy and well written - finished reading this on a 2 hour flight..

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