Mind management by Sanjay Pandit (eBook)

Mind management by Sanjay Pandit (eBook)

Mind management

by Sanjay Pandit (2 reviews, add another)
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Description of "Mind management by Sanjay Pandit (eBook)"

Mind Management : The only book in the world that explains precisely what the Mind is all about.

An unprecedented and an unique book on `personality development’ and `Psychology’
This is a wonderful book that teaches how to gain control over the Mind by decoding the deep mysteries of the Mind and by revealing the truth that has been `unknown’ to this world till date; and making the Mind fearless, resolute and vigorous by drawing it out from the `darkness’ of fear, tension, worries and frustrations.

This book does not preach mere theoretical aspects such as you need courage, you need confidence, you need this and you need that....etc., but it comes forward with scientific solutions and enables you to imbibe these qualities in a practical manner.

Though, this book is structured on the foundation of `psychology'. The volume changes all the known definitions and rules of the human psychology till date; giving a facelift, professing entirely different thoughts from today’s human psychology. It will revolutionize all the dimensions of your life.

Astonishing and Unbelievable book. The first of its kind in the world!
Of course, you will not believe this! – Until you read this!!

About the author(s)

Sanjay Pandit! An incomprehensible personality endowed with a unique vision to look at the world. At present he is renowned author and a journalist, but academically he is a 'Telecommunication Engineer'. He gained worldly experiences in various types of jobs and in business. Ultimately he turned to his basic instinct of journalism. He obtained diploma in journalism from St. Xavier College, Mumbai. He worked for certain newspaper also.

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Re: Mind management by Sanjay Pandit (e-book) by Sanjay Pandit
23 January 2013 - 1:47am

We are all fascinated by the `probe’ into our Mind. The specific definition of `Mind’ is not yet available in any book anywhere in the world. Knowledge, science, medicine, biology have advanced to a great extent and yet, the `mystery of the Mind’ has remained unsolved.
However Mr. Sanjay Pandit, the author has successfully `unfolded’ the mystery of Mind, in his treatise ‘Mind Management’. The ‘Catch line’ on the front page of this book is… “Never before, mysteries and secrets of mind unknown to the world till date were revealed as they are in this book”.
Now a day, `personality development’ has assumed a great deal of importance. This book appears to be in the same category but with completely `different’ views. Other books ask to behave with confidence, to have a discipline, not to be afraid to work hard, to be righteous, moral and ethical and so on and so forth. But they do not tell us where to get these qualities like confidence, righteousness, ethics, fearlessness, daring, interlocution, a straight forwardness to say ‘No’. We are advised there in, not to worry, not to be dejected, be happy, have a positive approach, be fearless ...., but we can not afford to behave like that. We react with love, worries, despair according to the prevailing conditions. The speciality of this book is, it does not import a hollow advice instead, it explains the practical aspects of how to master it, it guides us as how to transform the self - the way we want it. Perhaps, this reason is sufficient enough to gain `popularity’ for this book.

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