Anie at Govind Swamy's Home (eBook)

Anie at Govind Swamy's Home (eBook)

by Suresh Kumar Tamada (1 review, add another)
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Description of "Anie at Govind Swamy's Home (eBook)"

The primary character, Govind Swamy, is a simple man, out of college and trying to build his career, against the backdrop of his not so structured background, with due regards to his drawing and painting aspirations. His other possessiveness is his girlfriend, whom he refers to as his ‘GF’, not even letting out the name, lest something happens in between that he may not like. The story evolves with his enhanced understanding of his life and love as he befriends Anie, a relative of his ‘GF’, with quite some hilarious turn of events.

About the author(s)

The author, Mohan Mahesh Suresh, known to the world as Suresh Kumar Tamada, is an academician, teaching management students at a local business school. Also, authored fifteen research papers for international journals, till date. In the English fiction genre, had authored seven books and also a mini-sized e-book available at Pothi.com. The author believes in simplicity in the presentation, so that the readers could get easily transported to his world and relate to the characters and the story-line, also taking the onus of motivating them to the better aspects of the human life.

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Re: Anie at Govind Swamy's Home (e-book) by sureshkumartamada
5 March 2015 - 7:56pm

It is one of best and it is free! It is about how human mind refreshes itself by various perceptions and visualizations, gradually finding its assertion and the psychological effect of the motivations that lead one to self-actualization.

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