Short Stories for Young Readers: For Personality Development (eBook)

Short Stories for Young Readers: For Personality Development (eBook)

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by T.N.Neelakantan (write a review)
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Description of "Short Stories for Young Readers: For Personality Development (eBook)"

Everyone desires to succeed. No one wants to fail in life. One’s own attitude to life, beliefs held, choices made, unbending determination to succeed, and eventually, one’s personality has a big role in one’s success. Only, not many know how to develop their personality. Through a series of fictional stories, the book makes an attempt to give some insight into the factors that help one develop an appropriate personality towards success.
Most of us develop our ideas, perceptions and beliefs while we are very young. The unfortunate part is we grow from childhood to boyhood to young adulthood, carrying with us many of our irrational beliefs and conditioning. The sooner they are corrected, it is better for the person.
Most readers must be able to relate the stories in this book to some or other experience they have heard about, or seen, or witnessed personally. Dear readers, stop for a minute and ponder over the issues discussed through the stories. I am sure it will help you. ‘To See is to Be Free,’ some wise person had said. One must see the problems to become free from them. That itself removes many hurdles to success.
I wish the young readers a successful life.
T N Neelakantan

About the author(s)

T.N.Neelakantan, a post graduate in Chemistry is a retired professional and had an illustrious career in banking, finance, investments, insurance and human resources development in both India and Dubai. With his more than three decades of work experience, he is now settled in Tenkasi, a rural town in Tirunelveli District of Tamilnadu. He is into training and development. He divides his time between India and USA.
L.N.Charitable Trust is promoted and managed by T.N.Neelakantan and his family. The trust focuses its attention on Youth Development, helping youth develop their knowledge, talent, harmony and integrity.
He conducts programs on Personality Development and Communication Skills and also trains people in Spoken English. He is a Motivational Speaker and has held programs in several colleges and higher secondary schools, for the benefit of college lecturers, school teachers and students.
He can be contacted at e-mail:neelkant16@yahoo.com
For more details: www.tnneelakantan.com

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