Hidden Encounters of Pain (eBook)

Hidden Encounters of Pain (eBook)

by Vimal Panjwani (2 reviews, add another)
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Description of "Hidden Encounters of Pain (eBook)"

The purpose of the book is not to blame any specific gender or to generalize things, and impose certain outcomes. The book is purely meant to speak out the pain from a woman’s perspective, that which is caused by a man, which she hides insides her heart. The men can be in any role in their lives, for instance boyfriends, best friends, husbands or sons .The aim is to wake up some men and few people in the society who are responsible for the pain hidden inside so many women and it is caused because of the age-old tradition’s and hidden because we live in a male dominated society.
Hidden Encounters of Pain consists of real life stories, where the main character who is a woman suffers pain which ultimately is hidden and fought every day inside her heart. It reveals the side of men, known or unknown but responsible for bringing pain and agony in a women’s life.
As someone has rightly said, ‘you cannot blame anyone or anything, nor can you change whatever has happened or going to happen, but you can direct it in terms of good or bad with a weapon called Love’, so if you really want to remove pain from someone’s heart the method is to love that person unconditionally and see the magic happen. Sometimes male ego dominates a man’s heart, and that is the time he begins committing mistakes.
The sole purpose of this book is to awaken our dead souls and conscience, which will help us value and understand the people we have in our lives in the form of family and friends. I hope that you will feel the words, and reason the meaning behind them from this book.
This book is for all the people on this planet who are suffering because of the rules created by us, as well as to those who are responsible for bringing pain and suffering into the world of those, who they meant the world to.
Do we realize what kind of a world we are living in? Or to be more precise, what kind of world have we created for ourselves through our actions, which turn out to be moments of joys or misery for the people who were a part of our lives, and became a parcel in the journey of life.

About the author(s)

The Author is an engineer and MBA graduate from Symbiosis International University. He is currently working with a reputed FMCG firm in Goa as Business Development Manager. He is passionate about writing his observations and experiences penning down the thoughts that are never expressed or conveyed. Besides writing he loves dancing and travelling. He has been a freelance journalist and writer for Times of India city circular for Ajmer. He plans to publish two of his works every year. Currently he is working on his own story which is planned to be published at the end of this year.

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Reviews of "Hidden Encounters of Pain (eBook)"
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Re: Hidden Encounters of Pain (e-book) by bhattpriyanka88
17 May 2013 - 4:55pm

Hidden Encounters of Pain is in my witness the first book that has portrayed the emotions (hidden emotions) of a woman correctly in our so called modern world. this book has portrayed emotions of a woman as a friend, sister, girlfriend, wife and mother in very simple thoughts. Though this book is dedicated to Women, it also shows the pain in Friendship.
All the stories in this book have brave characters and pose a strong message to understand and respect the emotions of our counterparts which we often unknowingly neglect.
I really appreciate the thinking of the author and understanding the minute details of a woman's emotions, sacrifices and the hidden pain that she carries in herself, and at the same time spreading the message of Love and respect among human.
Reading this book made me realize some of my own mistakes and the way we sometimes behave with our dear ones.
As the author of this book says, try to change with Love..
Love is the only therapy that can heal the hidden pain and emotions of the broken and bring our world more close emotionally.Love, care and most importantly respect for women can bring peace to the society.

Re: Hidden Encounters of Pain (e-book) by yaying
5 May 2013 - 9:30pm

Friendship , family and any relationship are important in our life. The author wrote story of his friends’experience. Besides woman’s pain I also saw the pain with broken of friendship. Sometimes writing can be a kind of treatment.
Through this book I had heard many stories of women.As a women,no matter what race you are.We all hope can being in love and get happiness.But no one can promise you.The characters of this story are strong inside especially Vijay’s mom. We can change our self to make the society justice.
In different culture had different situation. But true love will be surmount any obstacle.Hope people can overcome this situation to fine the real love.

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