Questions And Answers About Islam (eBook)

Questions And Answers About Islam (eBook)

by Wael El-Manzalawy (write a review)
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Description of "Questions And Answers About Islam (eBook)"

In his book: "Questions And Answers About Islam", Wael El-Manzalawy is discussing many major issues: the presence of the God, the necessity of religion, the truth about the Christ, woman in Islam, the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims......etc. Did Islam spread by the sword? Is Islam the religion of terrorism? Using the technique of imagined dialogues, Wael El-Manzalawy answers these questions and many other questions.

About the author(s)

Wael El-Manzalawy is an Egyptian writer. He was born in 1973. He was graduated from the English Department in the Faculty of Arts. He has a Diploma from the Faculty of Education. He was graduated from an institute for preparing Islamic scholars. He writes articles and short stories in Arabic and English. His articles and short stories were published at many newspapers, magazines and websites.

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