Madhyamavyayoga - The Story of the Middle Son (eBook)

Madhyamavyayoga - The Story of the Middle Son (eBook)

Bhasa's One-Act Play Adapted for the Young

by Yadugiri V. T., Revathi S Kumaran (write a review)
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Genre: Drama/Play
Language: English, Sanskrit
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Description of "Madhyamavyayoga - The Story of the Middle Son (eBook)"

This is a story from India's ancient epic, 'Mahabharata.' It dramatises a small incident that takes many unexpected twists and turns. Ghatothkacha, the hero, is the son of a demoness and a prince. When he was still a baby, his father left him with his mother and went away to attend to his princely duties. In this story, they meet. But the circumstances are unusual. They don't recognise each other and get ready for a duel. What happens in the end? Read the story to find out.

Bhasa, an ancient Indian playwright, wrote the original work in Sanskrit. This is an adaptation in English for young readers all over the world.

About the author(s)

The authors have found Sanskrit literature to be fascinating. Many people believe that Sanskrit has only religious and philosophical works. But this is not true. There are stories, plays and poems in Sanskrit that both children and adults can enjoy. Having discovered this rich treasure trove of literature, the authors felt they would like to share it with more people. They have grown to love the language and hope others will too.

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