How I Met God (eBook)

How I Met God (eBook)

by Yashodhara (write a review)
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Description of "How I Met God (eBook)"

There are so many small incidents in our lives, but that we forget all of them due of to the busy schedules of our life. Yet, Some some incidents make leave a trail in our mind. These incidents are so remarkable that we are bound to believe that it is not possible, just by human action. We have to believe that some outer energy, what we may term as God is pouring HIS blessings like flowers from the sky. We have to believe that HE sits near us, reads our articles, poems and guides us to do the best things in our lives. HE not only sits with the believer but also roams with the people who need HIM all the time.
I went to Norway for my son's Ph.D. defense. We visited Gaustatoppen, Fredrikstad and many places in Norway. Looking at the natural beauty of the world, it came to my mind that God is great and that’s when, I started writing this book, “How I met God”. I was contemplating and wondering while looking towards the vast sea, that God is standing on water, far from us and waving HIS hand at us.
The incidents in the book are my reflections of truth, but it is written in my own way. I still believe that God comes in any form and helps us when we really love HIM from our heart.

About the author(s)

Dr. Jashodhara Purkayastha (Pen name --Yashodhara) is an educator and a counsellor. Her first novel “Where Love Begins Vibhavari” was published from Balboa press and Pothi.com respectively, acclaimed a name worldwide. Her psychological book “You Can Know Your Psyche" is quite popular with students of psychology. “How I Met God” is a memoir of the author. “Shaswat”, a book on 105 poems and her English Grammar book “EASE" for 10th class are available in the market. Her website --www.be-human.org has many articles on psychology which will be helpful for teachers and students. Author can be available on jashodharap@gmail.com and +91 9223303196

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