The Adventure of Spider: The Mission "BLUE"

The Adventure of Spider: The Mission "BLUE"

by Jagatsinh Parmar (write a review)
Type: Print Book
Genre: Mystery & Crime
Language: English
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Price: Rs.146.00 + shipping

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Description of "The Adventure of Spider: The Mission "BLUE""

At start I want to say that this book is full of adventure, suspense, action, and thriller. The fictional story is about one young Indian guy, who was living with his 2 friends in row house in the Pondicherry a city of India. One day he hears about the murder of Pondicherry’s richest businessman, and this young guy suddenly starts to investigate about that case. In starting he thinks that it will be the normal case but when he investigates further to solve the case, he realizes that, that case is patched with one of the world’s dangerous mission of terrorist. At last he had gets the clue and reason of this secret mission.

“He doesn’t seems like a normal person”
From his walking and way of the communication to the public seems strange and makes him more suspicious. He has all that skills which every guy want to think of to be multi personality.
He has knowledge of geography, laws of many countries and their politics, also he has acute reasoning and logical thinking, botanical and zoological details of world and also has the knowledge of the forensic science and at the end his own strong determination without whom mission can’t be failed of terrorists. He has to travel across many places in the world. But in the last portion of the story he comes out with a mind stroking conclusion and result and also gets his own life history involved into it.

To know the story further in detail you have to read whole book calm fully.

About the author(s)

I amm simple guy from myself. I am an eighteen years old MBBS student from India. Actually writing and imagine on different subjects , about something is my hobby but today I can express myself in front of whole world due to my friends because they have really given me a platform to express myself totally. Human thoughts and their activity always provide me the expressing topic. I am just like an open bird which tries to exist here for its’ own happiness and kick.

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