The Crowning Gem

The Crowning Gem

One Vedic Master-Formula for Powers, Roots and Polynomials

by Kenneth Raymond Williams (write a review)
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Genre: Mathematics
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Description of "The Crowning Gem"

A beautiful and powerful Vedic formula is revealed here for the first time – a simple pattern, which is an expression of the Vedic formula “Vertically and Crosswise”, is applied to find powers and roots of numbers and solution to polynomial equations.

This single, far-reaching method is general and enables easy and quick solutions to such problems.

The secret of this is simply the technique given by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji as the “Crowning Gem of Vedic Mathematics”, in which the first digit of the required number is used to obtain the other digits.

The reader is taken through short easy steps, and the method is so easy that only an elementary knowledge of mathematics is required to absorb and apply the pattern.

About the author(s)

Kenneth Williams has been studying, researching and teaching Vedic Mathematics for over 40 years. He has published many articles, DVDs and books and has been invited to many
countries to give seminars and courses. He gives online courses, including teacher training. Research includes left-to-right calculating, Astronomy, applications of Triples (including Trigonometry), extension of Tirthaji's 'Crowning Gem', Calculus.

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