Shadows, Trees & Odd Mysteries - Book 1 - The Ghosts in the Trees

Shadows, Trees & Odd Mysteries - Book 1 - The Ghosts in the Trees

A Fantasy Mystery Series of Lore and Horrors

by Malcolm Fernandes (write a review)
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Genre: Children, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Language: English
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Description of "Shadows, Trees & Odd Mysteries - Book 1 - The Ghosts in the Trees"

'Following the gaze of his partner, Gundu stared at the ground and couldn't believe his eyes. With the big bright moon low on the horizon behind them, the Naynab cast long and menacing shapes across the ground. Shadows that swayed to and fro in the fierce wind. Among the shifting silhouettes, Gundu could make out one... two... then three figures with eyes staring at him.

When a DIABOLICAL village sage schemes to have the great old Naynab tree in the south-west corner of the village CHOPPED down for personal gain, a defiant young boy must find a way to SAVE the tree... and maybe more!

The GHOST IN THE TREES is a layered story and the first book in the Shadows, Trees & Odd Mysteries series that follows the ODD occurrences, MYSTERIOUS myths, and TERRIFYING tales that revolve around the little-known Naynab trees.

An Interview with the Author:

Q: So, what are the Shadows, Trees & Odd Mysteries (STOM) books about?
A: The STOM series (previously called the Roots of the Naynab series) chronicles the perilous journeys of our heroes in their quest to find the significance of the Naynab trees. Making shocking discoveries along the way, they come face-to-face with evil men, strange creatures, supernatural beings and a dangerous fight for survival — not only of their own but indeed — of the entire world itself!

Q: How should the books be read?
A: While each of the first three titles can be read as standalone books, the story-line in the STOM series is staggered into three narratives: One about a ten-year-old boy called Oddy and his Grandpa in the story the Ghosts in the Trees, and another about three friends — Alan, Maya and Phudy, and their adventures in title the Madness Tree. Both these stories take place in present time. The third story-line is different in that, it comprises of written accounts kept by a man — an explorer, called Rem Namdliv, who discovered strange facts and the significance of the Naynab trees in the late eighteenth century.

All three story-lines are however connected and upcoming titles will reveal their convergence. Inspired by nature and the incredible world we live in, the STOM series is a fantasy mystery series (the author calls it, earth-fiction), with dashes of folklore, action and bone-chilling horror, that explore the mysteries of the Naynab.

Q: Who are these books ideally for?
A: I like to think of the series as Indiana Jones meets Lord of the Rings with multiple story-lines and characters, that is for not just younger readers (8 and up) but anyone who likes family-friendly fantasy mixed with a ton of mystery and adventure.

Q: How many books are there in the series?
A: There are 3 books in the series currently released, with more titles to come.

Q: What can we expect from upcoming books in the series?
A: The series is going to get a lot more exciting where the plot lines and characters will evolve, as well as plenty of new twists and surprises in store for readers, so definitely look out for these upcoming releases and content.

You can find out more at malcolmfernandesbooks.com and even join the author's readers group for more about the series.

About the author(s)

Malcolm Fernandes was born in Manama, grew up in the city of Bombay and now lives in Bangalore, India. He has always loved stories of mystery, horror, science-fiction, and adventure. He is also obsessed with music, art, design and has spent the better part of the last thirty-nine years trying to learn the secrets of the creative realms.

His works are a mixture of lore, mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi, and are recommended for all who enjoy pulling plots, twisty twists, tumbling turns and underlying themes that speak to more of the profound in our world – than what first impressions allow. You can find out more about Malcolm at malcolmfernandesbooks.com and even join the author's readers group for more about the series.

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Malcolm Fernandes
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