Consciousness and Transforming Suffering

Consciousness and Transforming Suffering

A Fourth Way Approach to life

by Mohan Vaishnav (write a review)
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Description of "Consciousness and Transforming Suffering"

The chief cause of human being’s inner chaos and suffering is the lack of higher consciousness and the lack of true self-knowledge. This book deals with this problem of humanity and unfolds a step by step method for understanding and acquiring higher consciousness, and for transforming sufferings.

Landscape of the Work:

This book give an overall idea of the broad landscape of the work on oneself - study of Man-Machine, beginning of work on oneself, basic essentials of the work, study of the inner divisions of man, and development of Steward.


It discusses in detail consciousness, Self-Remembering and various practical methods of approaching consciousness – the ‘1st conscious shock’.

Transforming Suffering:

It discusses conscience, distinguishing real and unnecessary suffering, sacrificing unnecessary suffering and transformating real suffering – the ‘2nd conscious shock’.


It synthesizes the 4th Way and Patanjali-Astang-Yoga, and also looks at Patanjali-Astang-Yoga from the 4th Way point of view and resultant unfolding of a more comprehensive and clear picture of the Work.

Human Organism:

It discusses the human organism as an alchemical factory producing and using various grades of energies. It also discusses various impressions (i.e. matter entering the human organism through the five senses), effect of Self-Remembering and Transformation on digestion of food, air and impressions.

Science of Karma:

It discusses Karma-Vikarma-Akarma, Karma-Yoga, and the relation among Karma, destiny and spiritual evolution. It also deals with attracting the better aspects of one’s luck, and a higher method of learning.

This book has been translated into Gujarati as well.

About the author(s)

Mohan Vaishnav is an author, poet and corporate law professional based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. He is a commerce graduate and an associate member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi. He is having his office as a Practicing Company Secretary in Ahmedabad since 1997.

During the initial years of his practice, along with his practice in corporate laws, he developed a software package for computation of financial and tax related projected workings for next 10 years for assessing the future needs of the investment and working capital (1) for the proposed expansion in existing industrial units, as well as (2) for the enterprises who intend to start a new industrial undertaking. That time he sold this software package to many Corporates and Chartered Accountants.

In October, 2013 his first book, “All & Everything in Diagrams” was published by Narrow Gate Press, London MMXIII, 7, Riverside Drive, Richmond TW10 7QA, England. Then he wrote his second book “Sonnets of Shakespeare Explained” in July, 2014.

So far he has authored following books:

(1) All & Everything in Diagrams
(2) Sonnets of Shakespeare Explained
(3) An Organic Whole of All & Everything
(4) Consciousness and Transforming Suffering
(5) Theory of Everything
(6) Human Types
(7) Awakening, Dying and Re-birth

By synthesizing the ancient Vedantic knowledge with the findings of the modern sciences, his book, “Theory of Everything” presents a simple approach to understand the Universe and its workings, containing therein research work in Theoretical Physics, Mathematical aspects related with higher dimensions of Time and Space, various grades of Times (that is, time within time); and it also unfolds an idea how various sciences are placed in a connected way in the entire scheme of the whole.

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