Sanatana Dharma

Sanatana Dharma

Introduction to Hinduism

by Narayanan and Padma Komerath (write a review)
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Genre: Religion & Spirituality
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Description of "Sanatana Dharma"

How should Hinduism be introduced appropriately, to a modern global audience? Driven by this question, this book presents Sanatana Dharma at an introductory level for a broad contemporary audience, in over 280 pages and 300 references. The chosen framework is based on the Vedic concept of Upanishad, going from an easily accessible introduction to exploring the classics and the research. Each chapter concludes with a summary explanation modeled after ‘VedAnta’. The core values are explained, seeking to be inclusive while avoiding pitfalls. The evolution and organization of the literature base are considered, with a simple, rational flow from the deepest Vedic concepts to visible, vibrant modern practice. The logical progression to Bhakti shows how the scriptures led to the glorious contributions in technology, architecture, literature and fine arts. The diverse schools of thought, their Acharyas, and the different lines of worship are explained. This leads to the movements for reunification and revival. Difficult issues are considered from a modern commonsense perspective, showing the concurrence of Vedic scripture and modern Constitutional law. Comparisons with other religions are avoided. A discussion on science and human advancement shows how Sanatana Dharma is strengthened in relevance as technology and knowledge advance. The final two chapters present the authors’ opinions on some contemporary issues, concluding with several examples of prayers taught to children.

About the author(s)

The authors grew up in regions that are at once steeped in Hindu tradition, but surrounded by millennia of history and practice of other religions. They share 6 professional degrees in engineering and computer science, and over 70 years of combined international experience in multidisciplinary engineering research, industry, university teaching, library work, and active participation in societal and strategic issues. The book resulted from a determined effort to discover and collate their own traditions in the light of modern experience, and led to the firm realization that science and technology are completely in resonance with the knowledge derived over the aons, distilled in Vedic traditions.

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