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Description of "Collectio"

It is an Amazon Best Seller Highest ranks (Achieved on 7th September, 2017)
#1 in Top Free Short Stories
#9 in Top Free in Kindle eBooks

From destruction of the Earth to humanity's survival in an unknown planet, from the most trivial emotion to terrorist attacks, from the greatest war of Troy in distant past to the future of humanity in the distant future, this is your place to find variety bounded. Subtitled 'A Collection of Short Stories and Poems', Collectio brings you the finest poems and stories of its authors. So come with us and converse with God, or reconcile with ghosts. It's all up to you what you take from this book.

About the author(s)

Nimish Mishra
“What good does it serve to wait while the river flows you where it wants. Swim against the flow rather, and you will reach where you wish to be.”
With ideas such as these, Nimish has been engrossed in the world of writing since 2 years. He started his writing on the online platform: Wattpad, majorly in the Adventure, Mystery/Thriller, and Paranormal genre. His stories ranked within the top 100 on Wattpad. His essays were highly valued by his school, which published them in the school magazines and bulletins.
Nimish’s expertise in the field of Literature has another facet: a research paper titled An Insight into the Ascendancy of Factors Inflicting upon a Reader’s Choice in Literature which was published in the Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, where he analyses the expectations of the readers from the authors, and the probable measures the authors can take to serve them. He also runs a blog- The Explorers, where he has written about the methods he employs in writing stories, as well as how one can increase the inference power while reading tough texts.
Nimish can be contacted at neelam.nimish@gmail.com .

Abhyanshi Tripathi
With a hankering to leave behind her poetic depressions on the sands of time, Abhyanshi has been into this field for three years. From writing and elocuting poems in school assemblies to the publishing of these poems in magazines and bulletins, she finally made Crexert- a blog dedicated to creativity, a platform to voice her expressions. In order to delve deeper into the field of Literature, she worked as a co-author of a research paper titled- ‘ An Insight Into The Ascendancy Of Factors Inflicting Upon A Reader’s Choice In Literature’, where she analyses the expectations of the readers from the authors, and the probable measures the authors can take to serve them.
Abhyanshi can be contacted at abhyanshi@gmail.com

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6 inch x 9 inch
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Reviews of "Collectio"
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An excellent collection by SigmaG
16 September 2017 - 3:47pm

I was hoping for a simple collection of short stories to pass my time. However, what I got was undeniably much better than what I hoped - given the modest experience of the authors!

The poems have a moral depth to them. The short stories are intriguing and keep you hinged till the end. The characterization is also good. Each poem and each story takes on a unique theme and explores it in its own fascinating way.

I would highly recommend this book to any person looking for such short story collections!

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