The Merry Tongue

The Merry Tongue

A Story of Love, Loss, Faith & Surrener

by Noella Menon, Milly Pereira (write a review)
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Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Religion & Spirituality
Language: English
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Description of "The Merry Tongue "

Love transcends time and space and is eternal. A young woman is thrown into a world of uncertainty, forced to leave the safety of her cocoon quite suddenly. Will her wings take flight as a nondescript moth or a colourful butterfly? Find out in this endearing, heartwarming life journey of Love, Loss, Hope, Faith & Surrender; a celebration of God's wondrous yet mysterious ways and the miracle of metamorphosis!

Synopsis: Can the painful loss of your beloved leave you with an inexplicable joy? Can the ache and choking emptiness be replaced with peace and a love that heals you to the very core of your being? Is it even possible to feel so light-hearted, you begin to laugh again and are astonished at your own rejoicing spirit?

The Merry Tongue is an uplifting, soul-satisfying reflection on the wondrous union of joy and sorrow; each so interdependent that they are never truly experienced without the other.

It is a celebration of His mysterious ways; a life journey that will rekindle the light in a dwindling spirit and un-break a reclusive heart. It will fill you with a sense of awe again and remind you that there are simply no coincidences.

Does a grounded caterpillar, in the safety of a cocoon, ever imagine the magic of flight? We invite you to celebrate the miracle of metamorphosis in this heart-warming story of Love, Loss, Faith and Surrender.

Premise: The book covers relatable topics on family life, self-help perspectives on family values, romance, marriage, loss of a loved one, bereavement, widowhood & the hardships faced by a single woman raising three young children all by herself, financial issues, illnesses, parenting challenges, dealing with teens and stories of how God's wisdom and grace lifts the most sunken of us out of a deep pit and puts a new song in our mouths.

The message really is simple yet powerful - Every one of us is like an instrument - just waiting to be played so that the melody might uplift another - but God waits patiently for us to tune it so he can play his masterpiece through us.

About the author(s)

Noella is a Singapore-based author and writer. Her book ‘When I Grow Up’, was published in 2014 by Little Latitude.

The film ‘Haptics’ an animated short, won top honours at the prestigious Hollywood Film Awards in Beverly Hills, California. Noella wrote the dialogue for the script and voiced multiple characters in the film.

Her feature articles on women's issues, careers, parenting and relationships have appeared in leading lifestyle and women's magazines like ‘The Singapore Women’s Weekly’, ‘India Se’, ‘Young Parent’ and 'Femina’ both in Singapore and in India.

She helped script webisodes for Emmy Award-nominated womentalk.tv - profiling inspiring and exemplary women in Asia who have overcome obstacles, extreme hardships and disabilities to achieve success in their various fields.

She is also a professional voice over and jingle artist with international and award winning brands like the Malaysia Truly Asia campaign, BBC World, BBC Entertainment, ESPN Star Sports, MGM, Vogue Eyewear, Ponds and Pampers to her credit.

In addition, she runs 'Wonders of the Voice' master classes for aspiring artists.

She has been featured on TV, Radio, in print and online magazines in Singapore and in India.

For more information about the author and her work please visit www.voice4ads.com

Milly Pereira is a retired school teacher and now serves as a counsellor for students in a reputed school in Mumbai, India.

She plays an active role in her local church parish, having served as a Eucharistic Minister and Parish Charismatic Prayer Group leader for many years.

She is a member & representative of the (FOLOR) Fraternity of our Lady of the Resurrection; A widows' movement founded in France and has devoted her life to the service of God, trusting in his will for her.

She feels blessed to be used as His instrument to uplift and bring comfort and laughter to the lives of others in her community. She's elated to be able to share her testimonies of Love, Loss, Faith & surrender with the world.

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Noella Menon
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6 inch x 9 inch
Interior Pages: Black & White
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