Guru Opinion :- You Have a Right to Make Mistake

Guru Opinion :- You Have a Right to Make Mistake

Your Life Manual to live your best life

by P Ansh, Seema Verma (write a review)
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Genre: Business & Economics, Self-Improvement
Language: English
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Description of "Guru Opinion :- You Have a Right to Make Mistake"

Guru Opinion: is to help you in taking charge of your own life, a product from the experience of two soul travellers meeting accidentally and exchanges their experience while travelling and meeting people. While travelling across meeting different people, cultures and experiencing nature, putting an honest effort to examine multi factorial aspect of human’s basic nature & reaction.

An Appeal: We appreciate your participation on an ongoing social campaign. We also dedicate this book to social cause by donating 80% proceeds to a social cause. For details please visit the last page of this book.

Chapters | Central themes:
Chapter 01 You have a right to Make Mistake | You Must Make Mistakes to Proceed in Life~
Chapter 02 Journey Must Begin with a question | The beginning is always NOW
Chapter 03 Journey from obstacles into Opportunities | Life is a beautiful flower which needs to be blossomed; it should not be spoiled with obstacles. Let Universal Intelligence to work for you
Chapter 04 Destination of LUCK & DESTINY | There is nothing like Luck & Destiny as its created & understood by thoughts & conditioning. The whole life is Product of Action. The Life is our making, and we continuously making our own life.
Chapter 05 The Absolute Law: Mirror of Conscience |Miracle happens, align with nature & find out
Chapter 06 Don't look for approval, It's always Self Approval | Don't look for approval, It's Self Approval
Chapter 07 Learn to differentiate "Inconvenience and Inconvenience for cause" | No doubt, there is possibilities you may be betrayed but ask yourself again and do at least your part right
Chapter 08 Source of Argument | Know it, Why to believe?
Chapter 09 Broad-Minded :-An Illusion | Set your own limits, without allowing others to set it for you
Chapter 10 Power of Personal Purpose Statement |Never be a victim of others definition of self, instead define yourself own
Chapter 11 Be a thick skin against all odds when It's time to act |How to overcome distractions
Chapter 12 Perseverance: The underestimated Soldier | It’s not the question of not having the strength to move on; it is moving on when you don't have the strength
Chapter 13 What reward you choose for yourself today? |24*7 Equal for all, it’s the making of it which matters. It's only when you love yourself first
Chapter 14 You are one choice away from your new beginning | You can spit in the eye of destiny only if you have the courage to choose for yourself
Chapter 15 Social Cause We Are supporting | About our social work

About the author(s)

ANSH : Seeker, Author, Motivational Speaker, Story-teller, Corporate Trainer (BFSI), Adventurous mountain rider & Nature Explorer. Follow for regular updates on Instagram @Ansh_Part_Of_You

Seema Verma: A Soul Traveler & motivational speaker

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