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Description of "Chronotantra"

In a dystopian world, Lila is an engineer who designs robots. When her world is thrown apart by privacy violations she escapes from the AI managed technopolis and seeks the sanctuary and solitude of Mars. Who is the Hermit who guides her? Who all are working behind high technology to leverage the unique skills that even Lila does not know that she has? Can man and machine, carbon and silicon, break out of the known dimensions of space and time?

This story is set in the near future. The world has descended into a dystopia of anarchy and chaos. A fortunate minority has either retreated behind gated communities or has escaped into space and Mars. A benevolent technocracy manages these enclaves with extraordinary competence using high technology.

Artificial intelligence has evolved into a new species with which human and other biological species share the world. As this digital species acquires the sophistication to move out from the virtual to the physical realm, it finds itself asking the same questions that humans have also wondered about for long. Is there another world that lies beyond the obvious dimensions of space time?

In this quest, the digital intelligence realises that its traditional reliance on rational science inadequate. Biological sentience is an essential mechanism to crossover from the known to the unknown. But this transit is possible if only if one can eliminate one's sense of personal identity and merge it with a greater and transcendent identity that lies in the matrix of Mahakal or Time.

Time is the stage where the universe plays out its own existence. The inevitable change of time reflects the corresponding rise and fall of ideas, individuals and institutions while in its inexorable flow it sculpts personalities, delineates events and shapes narratives. That is Chronotantra, the Story of Time.
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About the author(s)

Prithwis is an engineer by education, a teacher by profession, a programmer by passion and an imagineer by intention. He loves to live at the creative edge where technology opens up new opportunities for doing business. He strongly believes that "Resources are Limited, Creativity is Unlimited."

Prithwis graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from IIT, Kharagpur and has done his Masters and PhD in Management Science from the University of Texas at Dallas, USA. His doctoral thesis was in the area of Associative Information Systems.

Interestingly enough, he never passed his Class XII examinations and yet, thanks to a temporary loophole in regulations, he got into IIT with an All India Rank of 39 in the Joint Entrance Examination!

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Reviews of "Chronotantra"
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Re: Chronotantra by sayantani
30 June 2019 - 9:39pm

Chronotantra- an amazing blend of science, mythology and human psychology. It is a hard core science fiction where every paragraph shows the deep knowledge and understanding of the author, in the subjects like Physics, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. On the other hand, he portrays Indian mythology with the same ease.
Chronotantra is a journey of Lila, a santhali engineer. The story narrates different phases of her life. As a back drop, author takes us from Puruliya to Mars, from mythology to AI. Description of Martian terrains and colonies are so detailed and fascinating, readers can actually visualise it.
Highly recommended reading for anybody interested to have new thoughts, new ideas to explore.

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