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Description of "Shades"

"Shades" is all about making choices in life.You must have known that "Shades" are of different colors-blue,red,green.

You wear a blue colored shade; the world around you would look bluish in color.
You wear a red colored shade; the world around you would look reddish in color.
Have you tried wearing a blue colored shade and look at a box painted in red?
Will that red box still look reddish in color?

We forget that we have a shade in front of our eyes and start believing that the world around is bluish in color and the box is purple. That’s what humans are all about.Your decisions and choices in life are influenced by the shades you wear.Learn to change your shades according to circumstances and that’s what you learn from my book.

”What would be your choice of an Ice cream-Cornetto or Chocobar?” From your answer to the above question,the book can help you find out what colored shade you have been wearing all your life.

The book can also answer simple questions such as “Why am I not Obama”, stupid questions such as”Why am I a software engineer” and complex questions such as”Why did I fall in love”?

To find out answers to all your unanswered baffling questions in life, read this short ninety page book.

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5 inch x 7 inch
Interior Pages: Black & White
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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Reviews of "Shades"
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Shades by Vinutha
20 September 2010 - 6:59pm

Shades - Like the cover , the book also offers a refreshing perspective .

I picked up the book with a lot of enthu -factor within me and the book seems to have offered more than just that !

In life we are always countered by many tight-situations that challenge the go-getter in us.

The key to feeling and staying empowered comes with the ability to make decisions effectively inspite of burn-outs in life . That is the essence of the book !

Crisp , mature and refined .

The concept of the book revolves around perception , how we tend to look at life and how we could churn things to our satisfaction .

The style of writing is the main highlight of the book . The concept is presented to the reader in the most endearing manner with catch-phrases , apt examples , real life scenarios and characters that amplify our understanding .

With superb emphasis , the author has cleverly managed to let the readers think on the open lines that makes it more engaging.

If 92 - page- riveting read is what you are looking for , then consider it granted !
Go ahead and flip through !

Vinutha N

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