The Ramblings of a Megalomaniac Consumed with Cynicism and Hubris

The Ramblings of a Megalomaniac Consumed with Cynicism and Hubris

by Sameer Bhakhri (14 reviews, add another)
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Description of "The Ramblings of a Megalomaniac Consumed with Cynicism and Hubris"

Nirvana, anyone? Utopia, perhaps? Absolutely attainable and within your grasp! It took several years of experiments, mistakes and a lot of learning for the author to find his version of nirvana. From describing the challenges we create for ourselves in pursuit of our utopias to sharing his experiences, learnings and the path the author thereby discovered, this book is meant to help you discover your own utopias and achieve your nirvanas.

"Sameer has been there, done that: built a successful corporate career, left on a high to make a difference to the world - and in this book, he distils his life experiences and learnings succinctly. A quick breezy read, but one that makes you ponder over everything you do.”
- Arun Panicker, Ex-CXO, CRISIL, currently living life on his own terms.

"Sameer's book is a fantastic attempt at unravelling the complexity around supposedly weighty decisions. The first part of the book attempts to look at our belief systems and limiting thoughts; the second focuses on actionable principles around which people can anchor their thinking to 'explore' solutions. This book will make the reader sit up and think!
- Ramraj Pai, ex-President -Ratings, CRISIL

"In this book, Sameer unravels the formula behind unhappiness one thread at a time. The first part of the book is like a mirror - how our mind is responsible for continuously pushing us toward momentary gain! I enjoyed the book, for it's an honest attempt to help the reader open up to a bigger purpose, not just look for ‘success’, ‘acceptance’ or anything that pulls you with the force of a black hole into a future filled with regrets."
- Sankar Chakraborti, CEO, Acuite Ratings & Research, Traveller in time and space

About the author(s)

Sameer Bhakhri is a pro bono marketing consultant to small and under-resourced non-profits as well as a pro bono mentor to an edtech startup, Mentoria. He began his full-time career selling vacuum cleaners from door to door, moved on to selling telecom equipment, was part of the founding team of a startup (INFAC) that pioneered industry analysis in India in 1990, and built a robust brand over a decade. He played diverse senior roles over another decade in a large diversified corporate (CRISIL, which acquired INFAC in 2000) and, after a quarter century, quit the corporate sector in 2010 at the age of 45 to enhance the lives of those less fortunate than him. He does this by working with nonprofits led by brilliant and selfless individuals, and by sharing the core principles - effective sales and brand building practices - required to achieve sustainable growth.

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Reviews of "The Ramblings of a Megalomaniac Consumed with Cynicism and Hubris"
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I have known sameer for a fairly long time at crisil, although our functions were diversely opposite, have come to know him well. He is not a megalomaniac! That is precisely why my curiosity got better of me when he came out with this book and titled so controversially.
Its a 150 pager small book which can be finished within 3 hrs on a speed read, but it took me more than a month - why? I realised that each of the section (there are 18 of them), needs reading, re-reading, assimilation, reflection, juxtapositioning against my own experience, background and knowledge before I could arrive at some key takeaways for myself. This book requires the reader to also do some heavy weight lifting, thought-wise and that is where the true value of this book lies.
Very glad to have read it and is highly recommended!!

Best wishes,
Sudhir Nair
Founder Acumen Analytics & Ex-Director at CRISIL

This book is a good read. The book encourages you to spend your time, energy and emotions on the meaningful and the relevant and stop squandering them on the meaningless and the irrelevant.

Re: The Ramblings of a Megalomaniac Consumed with Cynicism and Hubris by Dharam Kapoor
24 September 2019 - 11:06am

Easy Read
Loved it.
Sameer and I were friends since our college days and i knew one day he will become a gyaani antartaami and this is just the start.
Well done bro and keep it up.

Let me first of all congratulate the author on writing an excellent book. The book very aptly highlights the weaknesses which most of us have. It shows that the writer has a very high level of insight towards how people tend to behave under different circumstances.
If we were to follow the advices given in the book, i am confident that many people will be able to lead a much happier life and in the process help others also to be more successful and satisfied with their careers and their family life.
All in all it is a very good and useful book and a must read by all to achieve happiness in life.

'Ramblings...' is not at all a collection of ramblings. by sujeesh
19 September 2019 - 5:32pm

This book is a wonderfully simple and practical guide for those who are looking to improve their self worth and find their happiness sweet spot.

It is dotted with many acronyms which add to its simplicity and uniqueness. The life lessons are handy and impactful, something you can start applying immediately.

Personally, in the 7 days I took to read this book, I have already started being conscious about LKK, the two Is and the various Fs. Happy to be part of the #ONEMILLIONHAPPY movement.

Have to confess that the title is deceptively ‘Tharoorish’.

Lost your true self? This book could help you navigate! by anir2401
13 September 2019 - 6:53pm

This book constantly asked me the question “Are you really living life on your own terms?”. Every chapter in this book urges you to reflect on your purpose, insecurities, ego and values. This is a no-BS book and the author has poured his life learnings through a wonderful cocktail of story-telling, poetry and subtle questioning.

Some of you might read it in a single sitting. To get the most out of this book; I would reccomend you to reflect after each chapter(s) or section.

Again; If you have lost your true self? (we all have in some way or the other). I'm very hopeful this book would help find thyself!

Re: The Ramblings of a Megalomaniac Consumed with Cynicism and Hubris by rupadevisingh
10 September 2019 - 10:51pm

Rarely do you come across a book that intrigues you by its Title and pulls you in strongly even as you are still glancing thru the forward. An Immensely readable and thoroughly enjoyable piece of writing by Sameer . There isn't a single moment when you want to skip or hurry through as your curiosity overtakes the experience. Sameer has summed up his life's learnings into some simple truths , which have a universal appeal . The narrative is full of annecdotes and self deprecating humour that form the backdrop to his coming of age time and again as he traverses his journey through the corporate world. There were a few take aways even for a semi-retired senior citizen like me . For those in their 20s and thirties it is a must read
What touches you early in the book and stays with you long after you have put it down, is his values. Strong convictions and a belief system that insists that true fulfillment comes from the joy of sharing and giving, be it knowlege or wealth .
Something tells me this isn't his last book. We certainly look forward to more .

Re: The Ramblings of a Megalomaniac Consumed with Cynicism and Hubris by ashutoshsatsangi777
9 September 2019 - 10:54am

banā kar faqīroñ kā ham bhes 'ġhālib'
tamāshā-e-ahl-e-karam dekhte haiñ

“Ghalib says that I don the guise of a Faqir, (an ascetic, a mendicant), to observe the “Tamasha”, (the circus) of generosity/granting favours.”

This couplet comes closest to describing my thoughts, after reading this book. The author does not claim to be a Faqir, but his writing is Full of Faqiri. So much wisdom told in simplest of the words! The book offers excellent insight to human nature and to life, gained from years of experience of observing self and others. The insights and wisdom combined together make the author’s prescription for a happy life for each on of us. No gyan, only selfless sharing of learnings from own life, with the message “Hope you find it useful”.

The lifelong journey of understanding others and understanding life begins with understanding self. Knowing self, accepting oneself and loving oneself is the key to achieving a happy state of mind. This has been one of the principles the author seem to have lived his life and he exhorts the reader too, to do the same. Keeping with the style of the author, the above thoughts are aptly captured in the following couplet

Gaahe-gaahe ise padha kijiye
Dil se behtar koi kitab nahin

You should read it sometimes, there is no better book than your own heart
Poet: Saeed Rahi

This book is a very heartfelt and heartwarming read, with nuggets of wisdom and interesting anecdotes, shared with utmost honesty and flair. It provides a simple though effective recipe for happiness which comes from the author's personal reflections and triumphs.Very touching and an absorbing read, a relevant read for people of all ages.

Insights, simple yet not obvious, seem to lose their charm for most of us after the “Aha moment”, once they have been reduced to the basics. Not for Sameer, who values the basics of life because they are simple to understand and use, but costly to forget. Over the years he has collected them, organized them in his mind, and used them to his advantage. Because he believes they have served him well, he likes to share them with everyone.
In this book Sameer showcases his collection of life truths, blended with new perspectives, stitched with interesting quotes, anecdotes, songs & shayari, and laced with his characteristic humour. He narrates stories from his life where he has learnt or applied these lessons, creating a connect. We tend to devalue and forget the basics, so the book is a refresher course.

Whether you know Sameer or not this book is a true reflection of his personality and a Zen like approach towards life. It is crisp, easily relatable and effortlessly manages to keep the audience engaged all throughout with life lessons & witty acronyms.

The rambling’s do have an aptitude to connect with a wide variety of readers, from someone looking for a quick mid-life refresher on living a fulfilled life to someone picking up a book for a light read. Apart from the quirky title what I liked most about the book is it’s deceptive ability to come across as a fun, experience sharing manuscript but at the same time has the potential to quietly challenge ones belief system.

Another smart ploy is the authors ability to get the reader in & out of his/her thought process with reasonable ease at the end of each chapter with apt shayaris and abbreviations. In one word (well actually two) Thought Provoking !!!

A more interesting book on ‘How to live a Life’ I have yet to read!!! And I have read many. The book reads like an interesting story because it is- the story of the author. The rambling’s.... took me a while to read as I read each chapter slowly, enjoying every minute and tried to gain and absorb something if not everything that I read.
It makes for a very interesting and compelling read and I would strongly recommend this book for all those looking to seek a direction or a guide to living their life on their own terms and principles.
Salute to you Sameer!!

The book reads like a philosophical treatise on the intricacies and the designs emerging from the lived experiences of the author. It took me longer than I thought it would to get through because after each chapter and each passage, I would need to put the book down to brew some tea and mull over the learnings I had gleaned from the masterfully crafted words of the author. I strongly recommend the book to anyone who wishes to pick up something that is both a compelling read and a catalyst for deeper introspection on one's own life. The voice of the author has the gravitas necessary to convey the gravity of the subject matter at hand. Finally, I found myself looking forward to the author's cogent remarks throughout the book. Truly a wonderful book by Sameer Bhakhri.

You have to read this book with - a pen and paper ( ok Evernote will do).
Mark important stuff and take notes!
And then practice the learnings!!

Sameer gives you a set of building blocks ( principles, insights) grounded in reality.
Must read.

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