Laws of Nature

Laws of Nature

by Sanjay Wagh (write a review)
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Description of "Laws of Nature"

This book, meant for general reading, is based on the logical premise that the most general theory of physics; the, so-called, theory of everything; is “the same” as the most general theory of mathematics, as their logical bases are identical. It paints the history of the development of our concepts in leaps and bounces, while clarifying the distinction between “wrong” and “right” ideas. Physics, which is the “pivotal thinking” of our understanding of the workings of the nature, has many examples of this. Many iconic thinkers; Newton, Boltzmann, Einstein; struggled to discover right ideas. This book pays rich tributes to their vision. It challenges the belief that science can tell us only “how” things happen in the nature and cannot answer as to “why” they happen as they do.

This book is for everyone interested in knowing how our scientific ideas have developed, and where the scientific understanding of the nature stands, as of today. Background of physics is not demanded as prerequisite to grasp its contents.

About the author(s)

Sanjay Moreshwar Wagh is director of the Central India Research Institute, Nagpur, India. He discovered a mathematical way of defining measures over any Category. He proposed the Universal Theory of Relativity. He also proposed that a light quantum is a momentum-
less entity, possessing only the energy; and to explain the wave properties of quanta, he proposed a new way of wave formation, the emission wave mechanism, which is a causal synthesis of the wave and quantum views. Professor Wagh is associated with many national and international societies of scientists and professionals. His research interests, among many others, include Theoretical Astrophysics, Image Processing, Fundamental Physics, Nano-phenomena, the Joshi Effect, Physics of Sports, Category Theory and Universal Relativity. He has also authored technical books for students and researchers.

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