Love, Loss & Acceptance

Love, Loss & Acceptance

a collection of verse

by Shail Mohan (1 review, add another)
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Genre: Poetry
Language: English
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Description of "Love, Loss & Acceptance"

There is none who hasn’t been touched at least once in their lifetime by the ethereal wings of love. Where love is, you can be sure loss or heartbreak enters the picture sooner than later. When that happens, acceptance is forced to make an appearance to do as much damage control as possible. This here is a collection of poems on the joys of love, the hurt of loss and the resignation of acceptance, dedicated to the Muse who inspires.

About the author(s)

A homemaker by profession, writing is a passion for Shail Mohan. She mostly writes about the mundane everyday happenings around her, with a humorous twist, her tongue firmly in cheek. Outdated social institutions and traditions are her pet peeve as are people with medieval thinking. Being an incurable romantic at heart, she also pens verse on love and heartbreak, when suitably inspired by her Muse.
She blogs at Shailsnest.com Her contact e-mail is shailsnest@gmail.com

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Reviews of "Love, Loss & Acceptance"
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Love, Loss & Acceptance by Usha Pisharody
6 April 2013 - 10:43pm

This collection of verse from Shail Mohan is something anyone can connect with, for it deals with the simplest, neediest and most fulfilling of all emotions - Love! It has that touch-it-as-tangible-as-it-can-get feel for anyone, who has dreams to peddle, muses to satisfy, who revels in the myriad expressions of this one emotion that encompasses all – Love; whose acceptance takes one beyond life; whose loss is perhaps the ultimate in agony that borders on an ecstasy.

Impeccable sense of rhyme meets beautiful metaphors, and imagery. You will certainly love this one, even if you feel you're not 'into poetry' :)

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