The Mindset Makeover

The Mindset Makeover

Transform Your Mindset to Attract Success, Unleash Your True Potential, Control Thoughts and Emotions, Become Unstoppable and Achieve Your Goals Faster

by Som Bathla (write a review)
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Genre: Philosophy, Self-Improvement
Language: English
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Price: Rs.299.00 + shipping

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Description of "The Mindset Makeover"

Reprogram Your Mindset for Success, Attain Clarity of Your Thoughts, Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs, Unlock Your True Strengths and Sky-Rocket Your Growth.
What if you are able to always direct your thoughts and emotions towards your goals? What if you start intuitively knowing what is the next best action for you?

Imagine yourself seeking bigger challenges and attracting more opportunities. Imagine feeling calm and peaceful in the face of struggle and moving graciously towards your dreams.

If you think you struggle to identify your true potential, if you think life is not fair and you blame your circumstances for your misery, if you mostly feel stuck in your own thoughts and hoped always to become more resourceful, you are here for a treat now.

Best-selling author Som Bathla has all the answers to turn your wishes into realities in his book “THE MINDSET MAKEOVER”.

THE MINDSET MAKEOVER is your Go-To-Guide to help you to understand the deeper emotions beneath the way, you think and feel. It will explain how some people are ultra-successful and most people fail only due to their mindsets. You will feel like travelling inside your mind and seeing all the obstacles curtailing your success.

In THE MINDSET MAKEOVER, you'll discover:

The vastness of human thinking and possibilities, even space might seem to be your next vacation point.
You will be able to identify if you are fixed minded or growth minded. You will come to know if you are other’s approval oriented or result oriented.
How Richard Branson and KFC build their fortunes with the power of mindset.
How people like Joshua Watzkin successfully shift their careers in altogher different areas, rather thrive by setting the new records.
Scientific research based evidence to establish that you can change your mindset regardless of your age or any other factor.
How one simple sleeping and waking routine can help you gain clarity about your life in few weeks?
How you can start reprogramming your brain and develop growth mindset by developing some simple habits followed by Billionaires.
You will get the scientific tools and resources to do assessment of your strengths and identify your Eulerian Destiny (Your Unique Strengths)
How Gratitude practice sets your brain to stay away from all negativity and rather attracts more opportunities in your life.
You would be surprised to know the scientific research on how laughter and dancing accelerate the development of brain and improve your intuition to attract the next best possibility for you.
THE MINDSET MAKEOVER is for ANYONE and EVERYONE. Whether you are a student, knowledge work, professional, entrepreneur or stay-at-home-parent, you need to become an A player in the Mindset Game. The neuroscience based research and the proven ways suggested in this book will help you to gain Mindset Mastery.

So what are you waiting for?
Grab your copy of THE MINDSET MAKEOVER today to Transform Your Mindset into Success Magnet, Control Thoughts and Emotions, Unleash Your True Potential, Become Unstoppable and Achieve Your Goals Faster.

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About the author(s)

Som Bathla has written multiple books focussing on providing effective ways for improving productivity, mastering focus, converting negative mindset into thriving one and practical strategies to take massive action towards success; including three Amazon #1 Bestsellers "FOCUS MASTERY" "LIVING BEYOND SELF DOUBT" & "JUST GET IT DONE".

He is convinced about the limitlessness of the human potential and strongly believes that everyone has the potential of achieving more than one thinks about oneself. Som resides in India where he spends most of his time reading, writing and enjoying time with his amazing wife and two sweet daughters.
To know more about his book releases at heavy promotional discount and for getting useful tips and resources, subscribe to his email newsletter at www.sombathla.com

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Som Bathla
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5.5 inch x 8.5 inch
Interior Pages: Black & White
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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