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The Situational approach is doubtless one of the best solutions to achieve English proficiency. So the same approach has carefully been applied in designing this book. If you have time and patience, confidently turn the pages of "How to analyse a visualized drama to achieve English proficiency". The simple language and the effective interacting activities that have successfully been proved in Indian class rooms will do wonders in you.

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He has given shape to the films ,"MAHAMUDI THE GREAT"' "PAROLE"

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The Book, ‘How to Analyze a Visualized Drama and Achieve English Proficiency’, by Thulasidharan. V. Thillaiakathu, English teacher at CFD Vocational Higher Secondary School, Mathur, Palakkad, is a genuine and marvellous work through which he brings an evocative portrayal of “MAHAMUDI THE GREAT”. My passion for the language enticed me to go through this book. ‘Mahamudi’, as he writes in his preface, is the restitution of ‘Mahabali’. He has given a splendid narration in a theatrical manner that provides and infuses a new backdrop and throws light in a different angle on ‘Mahabali’ with a healthy perspective and allows the students a deeper understanding of ‘Mahabali’. These perspectives may call for many questions or debate that is not my purpose of writing this review. Main purpose of reviewing this book is handling it as a study material.

There are channels as cartoon network, HBO, Pogo that make children to get acquainted with this foreign language comfortably. But these channels are also responsible for a drastic setback in our culture. There is no doubt that the text and practice books as teaching materials in our education system, as this author states in his interview, are effective and apt in sharpening the language and communicative skill of the students. But these texts depict more on western culture, their life style and their society. So, the author clearly states that providing a teaching material with characters and situations based on our culture is the driving force behind this book Mahamudi. It is the highlight and he has done a marvellous job and justice to the title he has given. It is a novel idea bringing our own study material in English that too with conversation, diary writing, detailed notes, discussion and interview. It is a laudable work indeed.

English has become a globalized language. The greater the skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening, the greater the chances of success in many aspects of life. This book as a study material will definitely help the students to learn and improve the skills as mentioned by the author himself in his interview part. It will also help the students to hone the skills that help them to express what they mean and to understand what others say to them. So, the teachers can try preparing the students themselves involved in the drama taking different characters.
In this study material, the author offers a range of techniques for additional interactive activities in the class room that will develop the student’s skills step by step. The students can also be given an assignment of writing a review about this book and the author’s other works which is also believed to be one of the interactive activities in learning the language. No matter how this material is approached, whether as a systematic course book or as an inspiring work or simply as an entertaining browse, it should sharpen the student’s ability to express their thoughts and feelings as it is thought provocative. Either way, it should prove not just informative but interesting and educative.

The material is well organized that covers a conceivable aspect of writing a book review, that contains good explanatory notes, simple English, excellent text, numerous, apt and excellent illustrations, pre and post drama activities a novel idea, proper lay out with good clarity of printing.

However, this reviewer opines, since the author’s work is very genuine with lot of hard work, he could have avoided grammatical errors and done a thorough editing before bringing it public as he has brought this as a study material and a practical guide for the benefit of students to learn the language and develop interactive skills. He could have also given an extensive bibliography that he went through for this work.

Setting aside the negative part, it should be looked into the honesty underlying this work that is highly laudable and to be appreciated. Enabling such preparatory study material programs for the students play a major role and a successful strategy in providing and enhancing educational opportunities for educationally deprived and disadvantaged students with no access to English learning in our country. So, the author can think of giving a proposal of such projects to the Government and Educational organizations to bring out more such study materials based on our diversified culture to reach all nook and corner of India.

The efficacy and creativity of the author is explicit in this innovative learning system. Hence, it is greatly recommended that the author should emerge with such erudite study materials diligently with more vocabularies, with out errors to enable the students to get into the practice of using dictionary and develop the language skills more clearly, more elegantly and more effectively. Let me wish the author for his future projects and efforts with all success.

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