Family Matters

Family Matters

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Description of "Family Matters"

Family Matters is a compilation of poems and stories across nine countries. Our most important relationships begin, run their harmonious or inharmonious race and end in the family. They may explain our deepest feelings, wildest dreams, or most unsettling nightmares. In the final analysis, family relations often make or break our personalities, partnerships or careers.

Yet how much do we really know about family life in other countries, other cultures? How much of our cultural knowledge is based on hearsay or worn out clichés? Literature in all its subjectivity can open up unique emotions as well as rational passages to the family affairs of different cultures, thus enabling us to understand ourselves and others much better.

This anthology edited by Christina Cowling, Frank Joussen, and Nivedita, brings you 50 stories and poems including those of the famous poet and Dadasaheb Phalke Awardee Gulzar and Australia's most famous working class poet, Geoff Goodfellow among other noteworthy writers.

A seasoned reviewer Namrata writes: The book was way beyond my expectations or rather superseded it. The moment I held the book, its cover page design and quality took my breath away. The feel of the cover if it can be described in words I would say it was what family is to us - soft, tender and yet strong enough to withstand any storm that comes our way. Inside that beauty were 50 hearttouching poems and stories wrapped with all the love tenderly waiting for me to unleash the power within them.

The proceeds from the book will be diverted to Autism Society of Andhra Pradesh.

About the author(s)
Our authors who hail from nine different countries including Germany, India, Singapore, Italy, Canda, transform emotions into words. The authors in this book are surgeons, soldiers, home makers, bloggers, seasoned poets, amateurs, students, teachers, translators, and celebrities in their own right. They speak about their family members or sketch potraits of family members in a honest, evocative voice. Each of the voice is distinct that you can hear them speak loud to you. Yet their voice unite to remind us of our families that wait for us, pray for us and live for us as we perform the mundane rituals of everyday. Pick a story or a poem from the book to learn more about them.
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