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Interview with Ranjit K Das

Mr. Ranjit K. Das is working with an All India Public Financial Institution. Over 80 articles / write-ups / compositions from him have appeared in various leading Dailies (HT Lucknow Live Section of ‘Hindustan Times’, and The Financial World, Chandigarh), Periodicals, Journals, Newsletters, Souvenirs, etc.

Interview with Aban Sukhia

A short biography including the books your have published/self published.

Off late I'm a housewife, I work from home running a tiffin service to individuals and offices in Pune. My books are self explanatory.

What is your main occupation?

I have the toughest job in the world, I'm a mother and home maker. I don't get paid a salary for a 24/7 job

Interview with Vivek K Agarwal

A short biography including the books your have published/self published.

I am originally from Faizabad city in Uttar Pradesh and did my engineering from HBTI, Kanpur. Post that worked with Infosys, Pune before joining IIMA. Am currently working with KPMG. 'To catch a smile' is my first book. I plan to publish my next book tentatively called "To catch a butterfly". I hate to say so but for the lack of better category it falls in quasi self-help genre. It takes a very pratical and optimistic approach and demystifies the popular notions around self-help based motivators, philosophers and psychologists.

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A Plethora of Emotions
Type: Print Book
Genre: Poetry
Language: English
Price: Rs.146.00 + shipping

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