Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing At Pothi.Com (Print)

Edit your book

If you have just finished writing your book, do a spell check and check for basic grammatical errors. If you need help with that you could go for Editing Services. After editing and proof-reading, you manuscript is ready.

Format your book

After the actual content is ready, it needs to go in a format that looks good when printed. You can do formatting in your favorite word processor (Microsoft word, etc.) or go for a DTP software for advanced control (Adobe Page Maker, Adobe In Design, Corel Draw etc.).The specifications of how to prepare your book for submission to are available here. Once again, you can do it yourself or go for professional help. If you are doing in yourself, a lot of help is available in Writer's Corner. If you are going for professional help, you can check out Formatting Services.

Create your Cover

A book is not ready until there is a cover to accompany it. You can prepare your cover according to the specifications here. A simple generic cover can be created using our Cover Design Wizard. Once again, if you need professional help's Cover Design Services are there.


You have the formatted interior, you have the cover. What are you waiting for now? Submit it to

(Optiona) Order Extended Online Distribution

Once your book available on, you can order extended online distribution to make it available on major online stores like Flipkart and