Frequently Asked Questions

Book Submission (Print)

The most important things for submitting your book are your interior and cover files. Make sure you have these two files according to our specifications.

While submitting the book you will need to fill the following information

  • Production Options:

    lease note that the size you select must match the page size of the interior file you are uploading. Binding types available depend on the number of pages in the book.

  • Book Information and Metadata
    • Title
    • Subtitle (optional)
    • Edition (optional)
    • Author
    • Publisher (optional): Remember is not your publisher. In most cases, you yourself are the publisher. So, you should either write your name, or write "self-published" in this field. If another person or entity is the publisher of the book, you already know what to fill here.
    • ISBN (optional): Enter only if you have an ISBN you own, which has not been used elsewhere or with another edition/format of the book. If you don't have an ISBN, leave this empty. ISBN is not needed to publish or distribute through Check frequently asked questions about ISBN.
    • Language
    • Category
    • MRP: MRP determined the royalty you earn. Check our Price and Royalty calculator to see what is the minimum price you can set for your book and what royalties would you earn at different MRPs.
    • Who can buy?: If you intend to keep the book private, choose "Only Me" here. If you want to sell the books (more likely), choose "Everyone" here.
    • Can ship to: If you want your book to ship only within India, choose "Only India" here. This option is useful for those who have a different edition for outside market and want to use specifically to bring out a lower-priced Indian edition. If you don't want such restrictions, choose "Everywhere".
    • Preview Page Range: To help readers make their choice, a minimum of ten consecutive pages of the book is made available as preview on our website. Use this to put your best foot forward. Select ten or more pages in such a way that it would entice the readers to buy the book.