Exploring the unknown

by Nanda Ramesh

The buildings were bigger
So were the rooms
I stared wide-eyed
At the pretty flowers in bloom
My first day in college
Eager for the journey to start
I sat in class
When in came many a comely lass
Almost at once she caught my eye
Though demurely she turned away
Months flew by
We were friends now
With an undercurrent of
the unknown
We were both afraid to explore
There were movies
The local darshini
Talking and sharing notes
All enjoyed with company
We were too scared to try
Together: just us

Soon it was the final year
Maybe it wasn’t meant to be
But she became the brave one
To break the unspoken pact
A date
Just the two of us
Let’s spend time together
She said
And explore the unknown
My brain froze
I mumbled an excuse:
My mother is sick
Maybe another day

But the moment had passed
Never to come again
So there it ended
We will never know
What might have been
Had I said yes.

About the Author

After more than a decade working in the software field, I decided to take a break a couple of years back and pursue other hobbies. So, here I am, bird watching, photographing, some conservation work and writing short stories. Beats debugging code for sure! In writing, I focus mostly on short stories in the children and adult genres. I have had some success in getting a few children's stories published in the local newspaper and a monthly children's magazine. I can be contacted at: nanda.ramesh@gmail.com