You, Me, Circumstance

by Pragya Bhatt

the cold floor
this room of stillness
the rain outside
a raging storm lurking close to the surface
threatening to erupt
water dripping somewhere
the fan whirring above
and i think...

of things that must be forgotten now
of lazy summer afternoons in large airy verandas
sipping lime juice alive with possibilities
and of companionship infinite...
was it you, was it me, or was it circumstance?

and of those languid walks down roads well trod
punctuated by stops at favourite bookshops
hoping for a first edition... a love letter long forgot
a bookmark waiting where someone left off

The tea before me grows cold with neglect
i stare absentminded into the milky abyss
it will be eons before these ruminations end...
It was you, it was me and it was circumstance.

About the Author

Pragya began writing when she was in the fourth grade. Yoga and literature are her passions. She’s working as a software engineer and hopes to publish books and teach yoga some day.