Pothi.com in Bangalore Book Festival

Pothi.com has a stall in Bangalore Book Festival 2009 from 6th Nov to 15th Nov. We have tons of exciting stuff for book lovers. There are some very nice titles by self published and independent authors. There are out of print titles brought back to life through POD. There is "Best of Pothi" collection featuring selected pieces from our titles. There is our brand new self publishing guide. And there are discounts on many books and no shipping charges! You can find us at

Stall No. 288, Bangalore Book Festival 2009, Gayathri Vihar, Palace Grounds, Bangalore

For all of you who have wanted to meet us in person, stall no. 288 is the place.


And if that was not enough, we also have several events lined up.

In the auditorium area/stage

  • Nov 10th: 4pm to 5pm: Story and Play reading for children by Yadugiri VT and Revathi S Kumaran
  • Nov 14th: 2pm to 3pm: Book reading for children by Mahesh R. and Revathi S Kumaran
In our stall
  • Nov 6th: 2pm to 4pm: Book Signing by Rajendra Nargundkar
  • Nov 8th: 4pm to 6pm: Tarot Card Reading by Anupa Patri
  • Nov 9th: 5pm to 6pm: Book Signing by AK Chowdhury
  • Nov 10th: 5pm to 6pm: Book Signing by AK Chowdhury
Books Available on Stall